Bayan On The Go

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn about the issues that impact their lives the most, at their own schedule.

A Comprehensive Library of Islamic Learning

Our aim is to help you transform your understanding of Islam in a profound, holistic way that helps you build confidence in your faith through certainty, transform your inner-self, and reshapes your vision of the world. For this reason, we wanted to make this as affordable as possible.

Your Pace

Bayan On-Demand allows you to learn at a pace that matches your lifestyle. We wanted to recreate a full teaching environment so you can truly be immersed, even behind the screen. We made this an ACTIVE learning platform which prevents a passive engagement, so you can retain and apply what you learn.

World Class Instructors

Learn the religion from the experts in each field, on the widest array of topics and modern issues available anywhere. Learn how to live tradition authentically in the modern world, with qualified scholars who are able to contextualize Islam around the pressing issues of our time. See some of our instructors below. 

Content for Everyone

With so much Islamic information available on the net, many of us feel scattered in our understanding of the Faith. It is easy to become overwhelmed. We know you want more, especially in a complex world that has challenged our ability to practice and believe in many ways. Islamic literacy has never been more of an imperative.
Aim high, see big, judge widely

Experience a Challenge

Bayan On-Demand features the most extensive library of graduate level courses, on the widest array of modern topics and issues anywhere, from scholars you trust. We want to challenge you to think deeper about how Islam fits into your personal life, and the world. experience Islamic Studies in a revolutionary new way. 

Our Courses